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Considering crack extension on the scratched surface, TB15 and PB 15 showed shorter crack length than TB5 and PB5 (Fig.
One approach is to expose the scratched samples to oxidative liquid by which the delaminated region will be oxidized easily.
2 : to injure by scraping with something sharp <He scratched his thumb on a nail.
The fact is, no matter how good at their job they are, nurses get scratched.
Scratch magic: James Spinks, co-founder of Birmingham-based Scratch Wizards, has secured a deal to repair scratched bodywork on cars at Arnold Clark Picture, EMMA LEE
A home with its windows scratched out; buildings collapsing; houses on fire; a street submerged in flood water; images of a family that slide in and out of focus are scratched, degraded and covered in cracks and fissures--in Louise Bourque's films, the world is an uncertain place and home is most definitely not a safe haven.
He did relate a history of exposure to cats at home--his family owned approximately 10 of the animals--but he said he had not been bitten or scratched by any of them.
The worst affected areas in sufferers are always those that are most easily scratched or rubbed: the eyelids, under the ears, the forehead, the neck and wrists in adults and the joints in children.
To determine onset of scratch visibility, scratched surfaces of PP-system and PC-system were scanned using an EPSON GT-X970 Photo PC scanner at a resolution of 3200 X 3200 dpi in 8-bit grayscale level.
The optical contrast is defined as the difference in the pixel light intensity level of scratched and unscratched area from the LSCM images, as shown in Fig.