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"But I am still here, all here," the hand scrawled more slowly and painfully than ever.
On the site of his orchards and vine-yards, of his proud mansion, of his very fish ponds, I have scrawled myself with half a hundred thousand eucalyptus trees.
"Three days later a message was left scrawled upon paper, and placed under a pebble upon the sundial.
And yet the amazing thing is that he must have been there all the time, for when I examined the door again in the morning, he had scrawled some more of his pictures under the line which I had already seen."
Tom scrawled on his slate, "Please take it -- I got more." The girl glanced at the words, but made no sign.
It crept into his brain and twined and twisted his mental processes until all that constituted him at that moment went out in love to that scrawled signature.
The window of my father's room was found open in the morning, his cupboards and boxes had been rifled, and upon his chest was fixed a torn piece of paper, with the words 'The sign of the four' scrawled across it.
I was staring at the strange message which I had scrawled, as he deciphered it, upon a sheet of foolscap on my knee.
Philip remembered the handwriting which scrawled over the page with shapeless, haphazard letters.
Then he nodded, hastily scrawled some dimensions on the margin of the little drawing and settled down again to work.
It was terrific, impossible; and yet there it was, scrawled in black ink across the sheets of paper.
The shades were up, and there was a roaring fire in the stove; the teakettle was singing and bubbling as it sent out a cloud of steam, and pushed over its capacious nose was a half sheet of note paper with "Compliments of Rebecca" scrawled on it.