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It was the sheet upon which I had scrawled the enigmatic message.
And yet the amazing thing is that he must have been there all the time, for when I examined the door again in the morning, he had scrawled some more of his pictures under the line which I had already seen.
The shades were up, and there was a roaring fire in the stove; the teakettle was singing and bubbling as it sent out a cloud of steam, and pushed over its capacious nose was a half sheet of note paper with "Compliments of Rebecca" scrawled on it.
Nurtilek Bakirov, a student from Kyrgyzstan who scrawled his name on the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, USA flew to Russia and didn't appear on the trial, the US media reports say.
The condemnation came amid anger over the warning to "loyalist" workers at "FG" that was scrawled on the wall at Millennium Way next to the Caterpillar plant - formerly FG Wilson - at Springvale in West Belfast.
and some less family-friendly variants - have been scrawled across the walls near the entrance of the station, accompanied by hearts and peace symbols.
CALLS are being made to clean up the "disgusting" graffiti scrawled across the High Level Bridge connecting Newcastle and Gateshead.
There is no doubt most of the 2,000 brave souls who scrawled their monickers on the walls would have been killed or injured on the frontline of the Somme just a few miles away.
Last season Blues gaffer Mourinho (right) scrawled "balls" on a reporter's notebook when asked what his players had lacked in the 1-0 defeat at Selhurst Park.
The name "Al Capone'' is scrawled in the margin, with a line leading to the lyrics "Like a complete unknown.
The last words scrawled in his production diary for the movie are as haunting as they are tragic.
Graffiti yob Nathan Geary scrawled his tag "nopom" on the postbox in Jarrow, South Tyneside, after it was painted in recognition of the 15-year-old swimmer's gold medal success.