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Costs are rising as scrawlers use harder-wearing paint which is more expensive to remove.
Last year they announced a carrot and stick approach, recruiting a new member of staff to help with a zero tolerance crackdown and another to help look for an officially sanctioned site where the scrawlers can practice to their heart's content.
Central Trains, which operates between Cardiff and the Midlands, has become the first in the UK to use movement-sensitive cameras that shout a warning at the spray paint scrawlers.
According to a preliminary report, Valley prosecutors so far have worked with police and other city agencies to help solve more than 98 cases involving graffiti scrawlers, streetwalkers, street racers, slumlords, problem tenants and those who dump garbage illegally or commit other misdemeanors.
However, while there's no condoning their behaviour, motorist cigarette butt flickers can justifiably claim to have been picked as an easy target when our authorities are so rarely seen to act against those responsible for more visible and/or prevalent environment harming (eg, the fast food/sweet wrapping/drinks can chuckers, chewing gum spitters, dog fouling non-scoopers, bus shelter/phone booth smashers, graffiti scrawlers etc etc).
Graffiti scrawlers in Northumberland have been warned they could face being fined up to pounds 50.
In May this troublemaking posse of toilet wall scrawlers won three seats out of the 45 on the town council.