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BEIRUT: Two men were arrested Monday in north Lebanon for allegedly scrawling "Dsh," the Arabic acronym of the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria, along a highway in Akkar.
Passer-by Jane Thompson, 26, was cycling to work from her home in Heaton, when she spotted the latest scrawling.
Looking over the shoulder of the comics geek in the back of science class scrawling vivid depictions in his notebook of post-nuclear Uber- and under-mensch, one might easily imagine his spiritual forefather in the medieval novice, doodling demons on the margins of his biblical transcription.
Weller, who court officials said works in IT, admitted scrawling the graffiti on seats at Newlands cricket ground.
PALMDALE - Vandals caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage at a Palmdale elementary school, smashing computers, scrawling obscenities on walls and blackboards and shredding books and papers.
The scrawling script records both the awkward effort of writing with a mouse and the machine's idiotic fidelity to every "trace of the artist's hand," as it were.
In one class, my laptop computer becomes a virtual whiteboard where I can type instead of scrawling in colored ink across the board, where what I write can become a permanent record for my later reference instead of disappearing with a few swipes of an eraser.