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Three days, at white heat, completed his narrative; but when he had copied it carefully, in a large scrawl that was easy to read, he learned from a rhetoric he picked up in the library that there were such things as paragraphs and quotation marks.
Rose looked hard at the scrawl, and presently announced, with an air of superior wisdom
But ever the persistent soil remains for others to scrawl themselves across.
This is Grimsby's scrawl - only three lines, the sulky dog
The exhibition of the card with the scrawl of green ink awoke a flicker of life in the parchment face of the depressed retainer, and it was with a certain shaky courtesy that he suggested that the strangers should remain.
Scrawls seem to reflect the artist's experimentation with rhymes.
Meanwhile, Port Authority police have launched an investigation, and dispatched officers with cameras to the men's washrooms to take pictures of the heinous scrawls.
Philip Kew's scrawls sparked a police hunt which only ended when a fellow vandal told police.
GRAFFITI: Vandals' scrawls on the 5,000-year-old stone dwellings; HERITAGE: Skara Brae site
innocent bus passengers look on in disbelief as the youth scrawls his street name 'Enser' (bottom right).
The team has some high-tech tools that also help identify vandals, including a database that tracks similarities in scrawls even if a tagger changes his moniker.
The "artistic" point is made explicitly in a number of Homages to Franz Kline (notably Jalapa 66, 1974, on view at Andrea Rosen Gallery, or Lima 59, 1975, at Robert Mann), photos of graffiti-like scrawls that bear an uncanny resemblance to the painter's canvases, with their chance drips, broad handling, and quirky tensions of black and white.