screen off

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Last year the Great American Screen Off took on four cities to see where we could get the most people screened.
He said: "I understand the need to screen off buildings which are ugly, but to block off caravan park customers is ridiculous.
C&D recyclers are beginning to realize that slow-speed, primary reduction equipment enables them to accept expanded volumes of mixed C&D material, screen off fines, remove metals, recover valuable commodities and send cleaner material on to their grinding equipment, she says.
We want them to screen off the ball and use basket cuts to create scoring opportunities.
Levintaner said the explosion blew the screen off the windows and broke the mirrors in her home.
Plastic screens were draped from the roof of an adjacent house to screen off the scene from onlookers.
The volumetric separation sought by the masterplan is evoked by deeply recessed loggias aligned on communal lobbies, where clear-glazed partitions are intended to give through views; though in practice, some of this transparency has been compromised by a motley crop of visual barriers improvised by tenants to screen off the loggias, which are let as private spaces.
Indeed, if Smoke, with its soupcon of plantation-house paternalism, had been test-marketed like Shield with the same ghetto teenagers, they might have conceivably torn the screen off the wall.
WASHINGTON -- TheCOPD Foundation (COPDF) announced today a lineup of key community events during National COPD Awareness Month this November, including the launch of its Employer Tool Kit, the Great American Screen Off and Virtual Voices: a World COPD Day Call to Action.
A coffee coloured canvas perimeter will screen off the external seating area and there are also plans to put up a coffee coloured awning outside.