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Giving evidence from a screened off witness box, he said it was 'an area the gay community frequent'.
Fire investigators later screened off the charred remains of the caravan as they examined the wreckage.
The court in its order said it was tragic that the absconder was being screened off from the scene and had failed to surrender before the court while being available in the province of Punjab.
They were captured or surrendered and screened off from ordinary civilians.
Now as part of the SRA, dilapidated buildings will be demolished or screened off in attempts to highlight priorities for investment over the next five to 10 years along the coast.
The chancel will be screened off from the nave this week to allow the smoke-damaged alter to be cleaned, and the pews are being removed and cleaned.
To one side is the screened off outdoor "utility room" where the wheely bins and whirlygig clothes line are concealed from the house behind a trellised area.
IT WAS out of bounds and screened off for almost a year, but now a reconstructed showpiece market square is being handed back to the people of Blyth.
All include a 'secret room' that can be used as a living space but can also be screened off to provide an extra sleeping area, study, hobby room or store.
The windows had been screened off to prevent the factory being discovered.
The search of the hotel rubble, now screened off, could take over two weeks.
Now the retailer has screened off part of the store and submitted a second retrospective application, providing evidence on the positive impact on local retailers and transport routes of the bigger store.