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group of companies, today announced the launch of Secure Online Screeners, an efficient and economical way for rights-holders to safely submit short and feature-length films to festivals, and for festivals to manage their incoming submissions, entirely over the Internet.
The use of Genedata Screener, enables pharmaceutical companies to scale-up thermal shift assays and consolidate them with existing screening data analysis workflows, cutting analysis time from days to hours.
WASHINGTON, March 17 /PRNewswire/ -- "Federal airport screeners are not trained for, nor do they have the equipment to detect explosives and other such material," American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) National President John Gage said today in response to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) study that found security screeners at 21 U.
But a less-noticed provision of the law that federalized airport security allows airports to ask the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to let them switch back to private sector screeners after November 19 of this year.
They cannot upend or pass through the screen with the on-spec pellets, as they often do with vibratory screeners.
Use the accompanying Excel worksheets (includes screener, scorecard guideline, and scorecard) to customize for your organization.
The screener also offers convenient installation, with an installed height as low as 27 inches.
Screening is stressful and requires the constant attention of the screener, but the work is monotonous, making mistakes likely.
The agreement will make Genedata Screener the cornerstone for all screening activities in search of novel small-molecule drugs at the new AstraZeneca MRC UK Centre for Lead Discovery and other AstraZeneca sites worldwide.
Stock Screener brings powerful stock ideas to Chaikin Analytics' subscribers, quickly and easily
The ALLU Screener Crusher bucket is a versatile accessory for a wheel loader, excavator or skid steer.