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This was one of the last tools I tested, and up to that point, I had been working on large screenfuls of pages for placing and manipulating content.
It seems our audience's detail-mindedness has been largely replaced by a frenetic multi-mindedness, a scattered consciousness of numerous, simultaneous screenfuls of stuff.
Microsoft's own PR says its new ClearType font technology addresses "the area beyond the traditional pixel boundary", and that with ClearType, "letters on the computer screen appear smooth, not jagged." In an interview with Associated Press, Gates did not elaborate much: "What ClearType does is, it takes readability off a color LCD to a dramatically new level," he said, "if your threshold was that you were willing to read one screenful with what you've got today, you'll be willing to read 10 screenfuls in future." Many assumed that Microsoft had merely reinvented anti-aliasing, a font technology that improves the appearance of characters by smudging the curves.