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Pin-site myiasis caused by screwworm fly, Colombia.
The eradication cronology of the screwworm fly in the Americas, using SIT, is shown on the adapted map (Fig.
The agreement focuses on activating the cooperation between the two sides in the provision of field equipment to control diseases that threaten animal health and the necessary means to carry out epidemiological surveillance campaigns, as well as the interventions to combat the screwworm fly.
Alternative diets for Chrysomya putoria, an Old World screwworm fly. Journal of Insect Science 12 (43): 1-11.
The eight maggots found were larvae of the ( New World screwworm fly (Cochliomyia hominivorax), LiveScience reports.
Wing morphometry as a tool for correct identification of primary and secondary New World screwworm fly. Bull.