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SPEAKING of MP deselections, Scribbler hears there are more tidings of comfort and joy for the Labour Party.
We have FIVE Timmy Time prize packs to give away to members aged up to seven, including: A Sing & Dance Timmy, a Timmy Play Train, a Sound Scribbler and a Nursery School Playset, worth a total of nearly pounds 90.
With the Magic Sound Scribbler, Timmy and his friends come to life to magically recognise each character drawn and plays cute character sounds.
I thought there was a race to be won with Teenage Scribbler, if he could be kept sound, and, when he went to the sales, I and a friend, Ray Singer, bought him for 1,250gns.
Novices can easily program the Scribbler using a Windows(R)-based graphical program editor, and can build their programs block by block to create complex robot behaviors.
The EntrePad 3500 provides Electrovaya's Scribbler users with the most advanced biometric security at the simple touch of their finger.
Scribbler can't confirm whether Northumberland councillor Stephen Stanners was in the session but he has recently signed up to Snapchat proudly announcing via Twitter that he's done so.
So whether your mum appreciates something cute, funny, cheeky or personalised - Scribbler has the lot.
Card shop Scribbler has launched a naughty range of anti-Valentine's Day cards so sassy singletons can send each other a cheeky message to mark the day.
Upmarket scribbler and sometime broadcaster Iain Macwhirter would make a great Rector
The Scribbler SC 3100 from Electrovaya features an up to 9-hour runtime thanks, in part, to the company's patented SuperPolymer li-Ion 75Wh battery.
It's not a glib performance like Cate Blanchett's take this week on that other real-life sacrificial scribbler, Veronica Guerin.