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Belonging to the courts of justice there are scribes to enroll private contracts; and there must also be guards set over the prisoners, others to see the law is executed, council on either side, and also others to watch over the conduct of those who are to decide the causes.
the early writers whose work is so esteemed by later scribes and
This having heart, straight I again revolved The Law and Prophets, searching what was writ Concerning the Messiah, to our scribes Known partly, and soon found of whom they spake I am--this chiefly, that my way must lie Through many a hard assay, even to the death, Ere I the promised kingdom can attain, Or work redemption for mankind, whose sins' Full weight must be transferred upon my head.
for his unchristian spirit, but he merely explained that there was nothing about Chinamen in the New Testament, and strode away to wreak his displeasure upon his dog, which also, I suppose, the inspired scribes had overlooked.
In a police-office, consequently, we find copying-clerks among many other scribes of various denominations, of which, it seems, our hero was one.
His eyes had fallen to the words on the top paper in his hands--"But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites
A few years ago, when those requirements were less demanding, Thorne was not accompanied by a scribe.
Certified Medical Scribe Specialists (CMSS) qualify towards meeting the CPOE measure for EHR adoption with CMS.
It should be noted that the program used in this study was based on the experiences of an 11-year-old scribe company, and a 14-year-old hospitalist group, and not all hospitalist scribe programs can or should be expected to duplicate these results quickly.
Derek Dewan, former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Scribe Solutions, Inc.
Through our partnership with Autodesk, we will open the doors even wider by providing a platform for circuit simulation to the education and maker communities," says Analisa Russo, lead developer of the Electroninks Circuit Scribe.
The metrics that we use today to assess our performance only tell part of the story," explains Tim Clark, CEO and co-founder of Scribe Labs.