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noun book, calligraphy, characters, cursive hand, dialogue, handwriting, jottings, libretto, lines, manuscript, penmanship, penscript, playbook, scrawl, scription, text, writing, written characters, written matter

SCRIPT, conv. The original or principal instrument, where there are part and counterpart. Vide Chirograph; Part, Rescript.

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The Enhanced Script(TM) to Create Ads From a Spreadsheet is based on Optmyzr's most popular traditional AdWords Script which while extremely powerful was difficult for non-programmers to set up correctly.
Latest Framework: xRevenuePro has been crafted using the latest framework in order to produce a powerful, secure and reliable script.
Many manuscripts were destroyed in the Cultural Revolution (1966-76), partly because of suspicion the script was a spy code and partly because it was regarded as a reflection of Chinese feudalism.
For example, if DCFRN is writing a script about food security, the story may be packaged in an interview format with dialogue between the host and a guest expert.
On Tuesdays, we script the following situations into our offensive team time: 3rd and medium, 3rd and long, red zone (+20 and in).
The conceit of a single location and a heavily fragmented storyline placed an inordinate burden on both the script and the cast.
As a result of the script request, ABC stopped submitting program content for possible fulfillment of its PSA obligation to the drug czar's office beginning last fall, instead meeting its requirement with free commercials.
But only the La Mojarra stone contains enough legible script to allow full-scale decipherment, the investigators say.
The user writes one line in the script, which triggers hundreds of lines of code in the engine via the FastTrack user-friendly GUI.
The script prevents us from overlooking certain situations or various things we thought about during the week.
Or they can turn to the Newmarket Press's Shooting Script Series.

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