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noun book, calligraphy, characters, cursive hand, dialogue, handwriting, jottings, libretto, lines, manuscript, penmanship, penscript, playbook, scrawl, scription, text, writing, written characters, written matter

SCRIPT, conv. The original or principal instrument, where there are part and counterpart. Vide Chirograph; Part, Rescript.

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However, the scripts don't discern between information that would be helpful for improving the user interface of the site and information that is personal in nature and shouldn't be shared-they simply collect every part of a user's session, potentially exposing information to third parties that was never intended to be shared.
Even when read by someone talented at making the dialog sound conversational, customers will still make statements or ask questions that aren't realistically answered by a script line.
Customizable Layouts: The layout of the script can be fully customized.
This script does not make the instrument do anything right away, but it creates a stored procedure named Search that can later be invoked with this command
Having him/her monitor unnecessary tasks like changing tapes and manipulating scripts is a waste of time and money.
Feedback from broadcasters and other members of the network assists DCFRN in developing new script topics and different formats to reach their listeners.
This includes the scripts for all periods, group and team.
There is only the opportunity to impress with a visual triple salchow -- script, performance and cinematography, all carried out for a song.
Miss Frederick's advice to facilities or communities considering a similar program is to get a few good scripts from the library, gather the people who show an interest, and cater to those who need the structure of seeing directions spelled out in black and white.
Justeson and Kaufman employed several tactics to understand the La Mojarra script.

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