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SCRIPT, conv. The original or principal instrument, where there are part and counterpart. Vide Chirograph; Part, Rescript.

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In addition to a hefty budget for a scripted show--scripted hours can range from $3 million to $6 million, or roughly 10 times the budget of a typical unscripted hour--the networks have to spend heavily on marketing to alert viewers of their new efforts in the space.
That new reality has prompted several networks to end their scripted dalliances.
The generalisation sessions took place for each script with novel partners, in different contexts, using learned scripted and un-scripted contents.
The cueing hierarchy used during script training consisted of the researcher's modelling of a target word, the researchers' and the participant's choral production of the word, then the researchers' fading participation, the participant's repetition following the researchers' production, the production with written cues, independently and then the independent production with no cues.19 The criterion for achieving script mastery for this study was production of the script independently, without having any cueing or feedback, with 80% intelligible scripted words for at least two consecutive sessions.19-24 The cueing hierarchy was used until the participant was able to achieve script mastery.
The main objectives of the proposed Arabic script recognition system are to identify Arabic scripted documents from documents with other scripts and to classify each Arabic scripted document into its corresponding language.
A few years ago we decided to change to a scripted format with a scout team.
The videotape editor, using your script, creates an edit script that permits creating the finished version of the performance you scripted.
Later, the sleek Lage Raho Munnabhai was scripted, shot and screened to rave reviews across the country.