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Altadell, librarivs et scriptor domini regis Aragonvm anno M CCCC L|.
Capozzi R (1982) Scriptor e lector in fabula ne 'Il nome della rosa' di Umberto Eco.
Recibio varias distinciones por su libro Despertares, entre las que se encuentran el Premio Hawthornden de Literatura Imaginativa en 1974 y el Premio Scriptor, otorgado por la Universidad del Sur de California en 1991.
In a panel about the subtitling industry, a lively debate ensued between author and founder of Scriptor Translation, Firas Al Shaer; founder and CEO of Rosetta International, Mohamed Hammad; and poet and filmmaker Nujoom Alghanem.
Likewise, Bonaventure's thirteenth-century categories of authorship, which include the scriptor, the compilator, the commentator, and finally, the auctor, implicitly references translation: the auctor unlike the others, who copy, organize, and comment, "writes both his own materials and those of others, but [presents] his own as the principal materials, and the materials of others annexed for the purpose of confirming his own, and as such must be called the author.
Ruby_se aproxima e se afasta da nocao de scriptor proposta por Barthes (Barthes, 1984: 2) em que o autor funciona mais como um articulador, como que tecendo uma rede, uma trama, aos moldes do escritor ao escrever o seu texto.
In order to make this possible, the Supreme Court had to dilute its language to the point where it became vague and unspecific enough to be able to encompass both defences, reasonable belief in truth and 'warranted republication', as two species of the one genus of the bonus scriptor ephemeridis.
Rather than the creative source of unique meaning, the scriptor draws from preexisting forms and conventions to shape a text "that is always anterior, never original.
Esta e uma morte e uma viagem entre a mortalidade e a imortalidade do autor que ressuscita enquanto scriptor, mais performativo do que representacional, uma mao que produz um texto diverso.
In response to Roland Barthes's arguments about the "modern scriptor," I argue that Jane's understanding of authorship shifts in relation to her increasingly intricate interactions with Ueno and Shonagon, eventually leading to the realization that authorial power can manifest itself in positive and productive ways.
Porque un notario nunca pondria scripsit en lo que fuera obra de su pluma, sino el verbo en primera persona, quien sabe si lo mismo vale para el Per Abad del Cantar, como sendos escribanos publicos de Sevilla pusieron "Ego, Remon Perez scriptor Sibille, scripsi t sum testis" y "Ego, Michael Petriz, scripssi et sum testis" (Frago 2002: 316, 322).
Szpila works through phraseology in a study of word combinations, scriptor idiomatics, an analysis of idioms in a literary text, his formal aspects of idiomatic actualization, idiomatic modifications, and conceptualizations of formal meaning and function.