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In response to Roland Barthes's arguments about the "modern scriptor," I argue that Jane's understanding of authorship shifts in relation to her increasingly intricate interactions with Ueno and Shonagon, eventually leading to the realization that authorial power can manifest itself in positive and productive ways.
Szpila works through phraseology in a study of word combinations, scriptor idiomatics, an analysis of idioms in a literary text, his formal aspects of idiomatic actualization, idiomatic modifications, and conceptualizations of formal meaning and function.
Elizabeth moves from a political agent and historical scriptor providing later historiographers a privileged source to a reader and interpreter not of history itself but of already-recorded chronicles.
The Party scriptor knows that what is legitimate cannot he original: it falls under the law that legitimates.
Componit & incredibilia quaedam, non satis ad historiae fidem: ob quae fabulosus potius, quam verus scriptor haberi merito debeat.
34) In this way the rather gory deeds of the young emperor are validated by (inter alia) children's songs, which are supposed to have been transmitted in their original Latin wording by a certain--otherwise unknown--Theoclius, Caesareanorum temporum scriptor.
Corbussen takes pains to describe himself as a post-modern scriptor and asserts that his book is not a meta- or master narrative that provides definitive answers but rather a para-text that gropes, errs, and wanders.
and despair in the world at large, the historical scriptor, Alfred
Valla's attempts to fan the flames of resentment about the forgery perhaps created little more than a sense of awkwardness in his own day, given that he soon became apostolic scriptor under Nicholas V.
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We will investigate this concept in the light of Roland Barthes' notion of the scriptor, whose hand is metaphorically severed from his or her "voice".