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Taken early under the wing of Italo Calvino, he was an active participant in Gruppo 63's collective exposition of new strategies of scriptorial practice and contributed his own manifesto to their project with the essay "Parlato come spettacolo.
Being would be the result of a certain "dictation," of oral, scriptorial and behavioral modules generated by those in a position to do so (and more often than not, as both Celati and Vattimo learned from Walter Benjamin, in order to legitimate their own power).
This distinction between geographical and scriptorial space hangs over the letter.
Let us cut to the crossing of the Simplon in the Alps portion of the Book, which measures the poet's distance from his collegiate artistic self still more and does so by revising the geographical and scriptorial conditions of the original tour-letter--a process of revision in which both cartographic and geometric terminology take on new significances.
A microphysics of Petrarch's poetry making, which is one way to study the temporally segmented verbal and scriptorial signs that occupy the pages of 3195 and 3196, leads Dutschke to observe that the canzone is key to understanding corporeal transmutations and how they impinge upon reality, time and self-identity.