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Being would be the result of a certain "dictation," of oral, scriptorial and behavioral modules generated by those in a position to do so (and more often than not, as both Celati and Vattimo learned from Walter Benjamin, in order to legitimate their own power).
Let us cut to the crossing of the Simplon in the Alps portion of the Book, which measures the poet's distance from his collegiate artistic self still more and does so by revising the geographical and scriptorial conditions of the original tour-letter--a process of revision in which both cartographic and geometric terminology take on new significances.
17) More to the point, we may see them as meditating on the nature of scriptorial culture itself, and in the course of my analysis, I want to raise some specifically editorial questions about this poem's text.
Separation of the words ceased to be a cognitive function of the reader and became an analytical and scriptorial activity of the copyist.
Someone who is not able to write down his name can use another form of scriptorial or symbolical bodily presence.