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SCRIPT, conv. The original or principal instrument, where there are part and counterpart. Vide Chirograph; Part, Rescript.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"The kitten will have to go," agree the scriptwriters, "but the chubby smugness is perfect.
Scriptwriter: Titus Popovici, Ioan Slavici (novella), A.
The scriptwriter, Abdel-Rahim Kamal, has also been under fire because of this
Talk the talk; a dialogue workshop for scriptwriters.
Talented but vulnerable Cardiff scriptwriter Jane works on the TV soap Meddyg Teulu (Family Doctor), in which her husband Sam stars, but her work leaves her creatively frustrated.
The authors will be working with professional scriptwriters Jacques Akchoti of France and Ghassan Salhab of Lebanon.
The audience is forced to question how far they would go to protect their own children, and although he has no children of his own, scriptwriter Martin Herron says it is a theme which strikes a chord with most parents.
Trainer Saeed Bin Suroor said: "I talked to Kerrin about the Melbourne Cup and he said Scriptwriter has the speed and the stamina for the big race, so I hope he can stay sound.
Great space is given as to how stand-up genius (and Sanford and Son occasional scriptwriter) Richard Pryor, through his network appearances and short-lived variety program, all on NBC, paved the way for Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle to have their way on cable.
Matt Costello, a scriptwriter for SheLlshock and other games, says he usually just tries to have fun with his work: "For this one, I had to Light a candle and take a deep breath." No one knows how the games will be received, and what nerves they might strike.
And the plot twist--as Dolan goes back to his office to hear Zilo's remarkable story, which results not only in acceptance for the young woman, but a scholarship to boot--is enough to make any Hollywood scriptwriter pea-green with envy.