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n. a person who writes a document for another, usually for a fee. If a lawyer merely writes out the terms of a lease or contract exactly as requested by the client, without giving legal advice, then the lawyer is just a scrivener and is probably not responsible for legal errors (unless they were so obvious as to warrant comment). A non-lawyer may act as a scrivener without getting in trouble for practicing law without a license.

See: amanuensis, clerk, notary public

SCRIVENER. A person whose, business it is to write deeds and other instruments for others; a conveyancer.
     2. Money scriveners are those who are engaged in procuring money to be lent on mortgages and other securities, and lending such money accordingly. They act also as agents for the purchase and sale of real estates.
     3. To be considered a money scrivener, a person must be concerned in carrying on the trade or profession as a means of making a livelihood. He must in the course of his occupation receive other men's moneys into his trust and custody, to lay out for them as occasion offers. 3 Camp. R. 538; 2 Esp. Cas. 555.

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