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When Epper and a friend visit a plastic surgeon for a liposuction consultation, it's positively heartbreaking to watch a woman - a true legend in the business - being forced to contemplate an invasive procedure simply to be able to scrounge up an odd job here and there.
I agree with IJ of Cramlington about people who scrounge off the state while their partners are working.
So Sir Mick was left to scrounge off his tour mates.
Scrounge a brake drum and axle shaft from a large car.
Hours later, Hahn - fearing for his political life and mindful that he's done little to expand the LAPD in four years - announced that he can scrounge up the dough for 92 more cops from the city's general fund.
We are a nation of givers and takers, but now after a night out on the town the takers can simply email their mates the money they've borrowed or owe for a pint and help reduce the size of the scrounge debt.
Since our budget is limited, it was necessary to snoop and scrounge for building materials.
BRITISH Army chief Sir Mike Jackson insisted yesterday that his troops in the Gulf are ready for war, brushing aside claims that they are having to scrounge food and equipment from the Americans.
But celebrities were shocked when they found there was no free bar - and Eddie had to scrounge pounds 20 off a friend to buy a drink.