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The post Our scrounger mentality does us no favours appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Today, due to ridiculous socialism, it has transformed itself into a system which allows scroungers like Buchan to live the life of Riley without ever doing a day's work.
A scrounger becomes a producer in the next iteration if it is able to find a better location than the current producer and other scroungers.
Andrew McCafferty said: sai" "Dole scroungers aren't a myth, they DO exist.
I work hard, I'm not a scrounger and I've always shown up to the nursery as well as teaching dance classes in the evenings.
To me, a benefit scrounger is someone who's popped out a few kids, in a relationship and neither of them go to work, they spend their money on drink, drugs, new clothes for themselves whilst there kids are dressed in tat.
Terry's scam was exposed two weeks after The Sun urged readers to shop fiddlers in an attempt to scroungers welfare.
The closest we get to disciplined ethnography is the discovery that there are three mores in the empire: the first scrounger to the trash pile has first dibs, leave the trash neater than you found it, and take only what you need (a principle he regularly violates).
The Scrounger also stocks their own blackpowder solvent, a decanted form of the British "Young's 303" that really does the job.
Receiving an anonymous letter which referred to her as being a scrounger is a particularly cowardly act.
The 2mm pinfires are now being imported from Austria by Old Western Scrounger.
Scrounger Andy chips in just 55p a week per child, the maximum the Child Support Agency can force him to contribute.