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GSO has three types of members in a group: producers, scroungers and rangers.
London, Sep 2(ANI): A Brit scrounger, already collecting benefits, has been fined for raking in another 23,000 pounds a year as a beggar.
He speculates that other scroungers may be like him, but he has no idea if this is true.
THE saddest thing is that they are breeding another 10 future scroungers.
He has sent people who were so ill and disabled back to work or to a work programme when they clearly could not work at all, they were not scroungers.
These TV scroungers and others like them are the ones the Government should go after.
When Beveridge envisaged the welfare state, he did not create it as an emollient for scroungers, skivers and those that twitch the curtains as others go out to work hard.
The only disappointment I have is that the money will not be taKen directly out of the POCKETs of the welfare scroungers and many of those on unemployment benefit who have no intention of finding WORK.
Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne were content with the description of those on benefits whether employed or unemployed as scroungers.
Tanni, above, used it to stand up for disabled people feeling the impact of welfare reforms, saying they "are not benefit scroungers watching daytime telly on plasma screens - they are real disabled people".
These scroungers are the scourge of our society - lazy, worthless, thieves who have taken food out of all our mouths.
I'm fed up of these scroungers using the excuse "There are no jobs out there", even this negative attitude is being passed on to the younger generation.