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GRAFFITI artist Eric Grohe woz 'ere - but you won't find any council cleaners trying to scrub away his colourful creations.
Simply scoop some of the ore into the sluice screen, swirl it in the running water, and scrub away the dirt and mud.
Children and grown ups can also scrub away in the laundry and try out the back breaking chore of cleaning the kitchen floor with a donkey - an antiquated floor scrubber.
A few different methods can be used to scrub away the rust, starting with the mildest cleaner and working your way up to heavy-duty stuff.
To prevent sandpaper feet, scrub away dead skin cells with Margaret Dabbs' Rejuvenating Foot Scrub, pounds 15 (www.
As we scrubbed we were reminded to scrub away also our defilement gathered knowingly and unknowingly throughout the year.
Tea Tree & Oat Shampoo Bar is made with 100 percent natural tea tree oil to scrub away skin irritants and sooth hot spots, dandruff, rashes and insect bites.
Tempting ms it may be to scrub away the dry patches of skin that often accompany rosacea, you should avoid scrubs, clay masks, and dry brushing.
Owen documents the Tasmanian tiger from an evolutionary as well as a historical perspective to scrub away some of the mysticism surrounding the animal and shore up its legacy with facts.
Councils which scrub away graffiti would then be allowed to recover the costs.
The natural fruit acids and lemongrass in the Exfoliating Face Wash ($12) help scrub away dirt and dry skin cells.