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Police had to move away the tributes so they could scrub off the offensive anti-Asian writing and warned the family that the display would have to be taken down permanently if more graffiti appeared.
At sea, maintenance is ongoing; after every dive Alvin pilots scrub off corrosive salt and check nooks for wayward jellyfish to ensure that dozens of electronic and mechanical parts function properly.
Scrub off scaliness by mixing together two tablespoons of jojoba oil with four drops of lemon oil and four drops of lime oil (all available at health food stores).
Clinique 7 Day Scrub Off Cream: This is very lightweight, for delicate skins, and helps minimise fine lines.
Rescuers used a toothbrush and Dawn dish soap to scrub off a suffocating coat of oil plastered to its feathers.
They've never entirely been able to scrub off the tinge of extremism.
The twenty dancers strip off their costumes, scrub off their makeup, and race for the vans that will transport them to the Portland International Airport: It's back to Boise via San Francisco that night, where they will become Ballet Idaho and perform the same concert the following weekend.
This equipment, Midmark's first ultrasonic cleaning product offering, saves medical environments valuable time because it eliminates the need to physically scrub off bioburden prior to sterilization.