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McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey) from "Grey's Anatomy" since both men wore scrub suits.
I was immediately given a white doctor's gown to put over my soiled scrub suit.
I was going to wear a scrub suit and, with a scalpel in my hand, make a difference in other people's lives.
A woman dressed in a white scrub suit walked out of the VSMMC with the two-day-old infant son of Jayvee and Jonathan Celadenia.
Do you have a protocol for the changing and wearing of scrub suits such as if you leave the department do you change into a clean scrub suit on your return?
A woman dressed in white scrub suit told Jayvee that she had to take her baby to the laboratory so she could extract blood sample.
She was dressed in a pair of cropped pants and a light blue top which resembled the top half of a hospital scrub suit.