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Hence the null hypothesis is rejected and alternate hypothesis that dry scrubbing is not inferior to the wet scrubbing is proved.
Most people don't realize their common household scrubbing pad is doing more harm than good to natural stone surfaces like countertops, shower walls and floors," said Lenny Sciarrino, president/CEO and co-founder of Granite Gold Inc.
In addition, a solvent dosing system can be added to the tester to allow volatile solvents to be dispensed on any or all of the lanes, as the scrubbing tool passes over the test panel.
As recently as 2001, instructions for surgical hand antisepsis included scrubbing the hands and arms with a brush (Gardner & Anderson Man 2001), this is presumably where the name 'scrub' comes from.
Debris, including bolts and nails, are swept up in advance of scrubbing.
INDIGO WILD combines lemongrass, an astringent essential oil, with the scrubbing power of organic cane sugar to create Zum Face Lemongrass Sugar Facial Scrub.
KEY WORDS Hand antisepsis, Postal questionnaire, Surgical scrubbing
By scrubbing data with I-many Validata, GSK will be able to minimize contract compliance risks and gain full control over validation parameters.
Its scrubbing abrasives dive deep into textured and grooved bathroom surfaces, but it's gentle enough that it won't scratch -- it can be used on tubs, tile, sinks, toilets and more.
The new system software for the Yellow Machine appliance now dramatically increases drive reliability with the addition of Masterpiece RAID Disk Scrubbing Technology (DST), and provides users with easy and secure remote access to data via an integrated double firewall/VPN router.
International Commercial Shipping has secured the global rights to sell and market both the cutter suction dredging technology as well as the Sand Scrubbing technology.
It is fast-acting and effective, providing clinically documented persistent antimicrobial protection for up to six hours without water or scrubbing.