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His yel-low green eyes were fastened upon the scrubby jungle at our right.
Scrubby under-brush grew on either side of the way, while huge rocks were scattered around in abundance.
The root of a small scrubby plant served as fuel, but it made a miserable fire, and the wind was piercingly cold.
Scrubby, impecunious men drift to and fro there, waiting for the gods to provide something easy; and the prudent man, conscious of the possession of loose change, whizzes through the danger zone at his best speed, 'like one that on a lonesome road doth walk in fear and dread, and having once turned round walks on, and turns no more his head, because he knows a frightful fiend doth close behind him tread.
He was dressed in black and rusty iron grey; had jet black beads of eyes; a scrubby little black chin; wiry black hair striking out from his head in prongs, like forks or hair-pins; and a complexion that was very dingy by nature, or very dirty by art, or a compound of nature and art.
He stared at me with a hopeless expression upon his vacuous, good-natured, scrubby little face.
Bert found it quite possible to look down and contemplate the wild sub-arctic landscape below, now devoid of any sign of habitation, a land of rocky cliffs and cascades and broad swirling desolate rivers, and of trees and thickets that grew more stunted and scrubby as the day wore on.
The dead body of a three to four-month-old minor girl was found at scrubby 'Sida Autar' area on Sunday.
We have something in the region of 200 pairs of willow tits, about 10 per cent of the national total, and they all live in scrubby woodland.
Our tester says: "I was willing this to be the future - but it's not scrubby enough.
The area was dotted with scrubby thornapple, occasional hemlocks and some small white pines.
The scrubby side includes over 10,000 microscrubbers that provide a deeper clean than a body wash puff, while the soft side provides a cotton-like feel for gentle cleansing.