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This was my man; but I was to try him to the bottom, and indeed in that consisted my safety; for if he baulked, I knew I was undone, as surely as he was undone if he took me; and if I did not make some scruple about his fortune, it was the way to lead him to raise some about mine; and first, therefore, I pretended on all occasions to doubt his sincerity, and told him, perhaps he only courted me for my fortune.
LOS ANGELES Writer Judith Krantz, whose million-selling novels such as "Scruples" and "Princess Daisy" engrossed readers worldwide with their steamy tales of the rich and beautiful, died Saturday at her Bel-Air home.
"Money can't buy scruples--indeed, money may prevent scruples. With money comes the responsibility to act magnanimous--not abusive."
And while many shops, known as headshops, had refused to sell drugs to children or people who were clearly unwell, criminal dealers had no such scruples now that the substances were illegal.
He warns Vladimir Putin regards the UK as a soft touch and would have no scruples about ordering further assassinations on our soil.
'All dictatorships, all of them, began like this, by adulterating communication, by putting communications in the hands of people without scruples, of governments without scruples,' he added.
The more you are a "moral" person, without scruples, the higher you will be in the chaos that we call "democracy", Davidovic writes.
He pointed out that "the enemy does not have any religious or moral scruples in the burning of sulfur and terrorizing citizens, stressing the need to support the international community to eradicate terrorism." al-Abadi called to be cautious and wary of terrorist attempts to confuse the internal situation, calling politicians and media not to help terrorism to achieve its objectives.
The Apprentice BBC1 9pm REALITY With their shiny suits and lack of scruples, you'd think playing at being estate agents would come naturally to the eight candidates.
I consider the people who "developed" the .300 Blackout to have no scruples at all.
While those of faith regard the acts as sinful, the constitutional law is not imposed against them, but rather when such acts violate the rights of others the law steps in to prevent the rights violation (not deny the right to believe the acts justifiable, regardless of how repugnant the viewpoint may be to those of religious scruples).