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We may be tempted to dismiss Katie's scrupulosity as mere overzealous piety, but this is a mistake.
How does religious affiliation and religiosity relate to scrupulosity symptoms: a comparison Christian and Muslim Students?
Clinton started out with a lot of scrupulosity to begin with.
Scrupulosity refers to seeing sin when there is none.
158) While the Messenger expressed sadness at what must have appeared as anachronistic scrupulosity, it is clear that the discursive paradox of Christ's two bodies at the heart of ecclesiastical discourse represented the decisive cause of these ongoing sensibilities.
As it is, I had to dig for it--by reading a good part of the book a second time, using the (excellent) index to find all the scattered references to particular topics such as Boyle's casuistry, and consulting other writings about Boyle, including Hunter's earlier book, Robert Boyle (1627-91): Scrupulosity and Science, (4) and his edited collection of papers, "Psychoanalysing Robert Boyle.
He praises Lionel Trilling for his chastened sense of progressivism, his insistence that moral scrupulosity always matters, no matter how desirable the political objective.
But Donaldson's scrupulosity never gives way to the detriment of "interprephila" (as I like to call it), and a phrase like "world-class noticer" helps explain why: keeping things casual and clear--yet another benefit of a journalism career, one imagines--allows him to avoid the rip currents of over-reading that have sucked so many of us out to the deep seas of New Critical complexity.
Prior to the Second Vatican Council of the 1960s, scrupulosity was regarded as the excessive fear of sinning.
Taken merely as an expression of respect for intellectual scrupulosity, CREWS'S ideal is unexceptionable.
32) The former approach would create the free mental space necessary for any human being to do acts of supererogation out of his own liberal choice, whereas the latter attitude would end up being counterproductive by fueling a depressing inflation of scrupulosity and stifling all spontaneous creativity to do good deeds.