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At its most extreme, scrupulosity may actually be a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder.
In turn, Factor III has information on Realization (Scrupulosity) and adjectives that characterize it are honored, responsible, dedicated, hardworking, studious, honesty, disorganized, efficient, careful, methodical, organized, meticulous, devoted, and pervaded, forming a total of 14 items for this subscale.
Examining a purported association between attachment to God and scrupulosity. Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, 6, 230-236.
Later chapters deal with features of OCD, such as scrupulosity, obsessive guilt, and religiosity, and describe treatment methods, especially exposure and response therapy (ERT).
But Renoir's scrupulosity extended to scenes in which the camera and the protagonists remain more static, where realism harkens to perspective painting.
I can will knowledge but not wisdom; going to bed, but not sleeping; eating, but not hunger; meekness, but not humility; scrupulosity, but not virtue, self-assertion or bravado, but not courage; lust, but not love; commiseration, but not sympathy; congratulations, but not adulation; religiosity, but not faith; reading, but not understanding.
But the Syrian actor, who's currently busy filming his new Egyptian TV drama "Al Wiswas" (Scrupulosity) remained on the matter.
In fact, there is even a term for Catholic OCD: scrupulosity. Scrupulous Anonymous is a support network, now largely moribund, for Catholics beset by guilt, anguish, and recrimination over feeling unable to fulfill the requirements of religious observance and stricture.
"Justifiability Diagnostic Survey Of MMPI - 2RF In The Way Of Scrupulosity Tribulation" European Journal Of Experimental Biology, 2(6): 2366-2371.
John Morgan, "Heliodoros and the Historiographical Pose," ClAnt 1 (1982) 221-65 discusses this art: scrupulosity, feigned or real uncertainty, different sources, different explanations, excurses, superabundant details.
"To retain care and scrupulosity about each detail from within the teeming wormball of data and rule and exception and contingency which constitutes real-world accounting--this is heroism....
Another attribute of Hopkins' personality was his scrupulosity. The evidence of this trait is fully manifested in his penchant for note-taking, sketching, and, of course, his verbal descriptive powers.