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Scrupulous behaviors, on the other hand, emerge from and perpetuate feelings of fear and insecurity--feelings that the scrupulous person mistakes for God.
He brought this to notice that the action against scrupulous elements is confined to blockage of SIM cards.
We should expect our government to be just as scrupulous.
Boss, before you go change your shirt, maybe you should visit Scrupulous Investment Brokers down the street," Abigail said, eying my shirt critically.
With my scrupulous toes I'll roll just one last perfect
Taking serious note of the action by scrupulous elements to malign the Indian generic pharma industry, Embassy of India in Beijing, has been requested to lodge a strong protest with concerned Chinese authorities and also to impress upon them to take stringent action against such scrupulous elements," a Commerce Ministry statement said.
For sincere believers, fearing the Christian deity was an appropriate response to His omnipotence--but for the scrupulous believer, an excessive fear of God ruined their lives, destroying peace of mind and confidence of spirit.
WHEN US lawyers realised that some of America's less scrupulous power companies had been encouraging their most vulnerable customers into believing that if they paid a premium for "green" electricity their home would be connected directly to a wind farm, they referred to the practice as the "green wire syndrome".
I am scrupulous about my children's health," she said.
The more scrupulous among you will be pleased to know you can legitimately buy a 9in potful for around pounds 20.
The accommodation is welcome, but it is tenable only if the establishments are scrupulous about preventing waste oils from entering the city sewerage.
Bristol coach Richard Hill is becoming renowned for his scrupulous preparation and thorough examination of opponents' strengths and weaknesses, and his opposite number Dean Ryan has selected a tough pack and experienced half-back pairing in a possible attempt to thwart the home side's physical edge.