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Aigul Ryskulova said child adoption procedures need to be scrupulously elaborated in line with the legislative acts of Kyrgyzstan and the United States.
Considered one of the most important theatre and film historians in America, Willis scrupulously recorded in Theatre World seasons of Broadway, regional theatre, summer stock and touring companies, obituaries, theatrical awards, and the emergence of Off Broadway and Off-Off Broadway.
We will scrupulously examine our own policies to see if there is anything that needs to be done to strengthen them.
FOR years, I have scrupulously recycled at supermarket facilities - white, green, brown glass, paper/cardboard, plastics - each in their separate containers.
But is Anna, as daughter of Donald, going to be scrupulously fair?
The crime was scrupulously researched by Summerscale, who left the The Daily Telegraph in 2005 to follow a writing career.
No one who follows Hillary's career could miss the traces of these lessons in her senatorial style, from her scrupulously dignified beating to her vote for an anti-flag-burning amendment.
Dense and scrupulously researched, Cuthbert's work provides a vital and readable overview of the emergent new insights into urban form and culture.
Sarti's book scrupulously avoids such normalizing, either topically or geographically.
Council tax payments in the village are doubtless kept scrupulously up to date these days.
Materials and finishes were scrupulously considered and of the highest standards.