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S is inferentially scrutable for subject s if and only if, if s were to come to know C, s would be in a position to know S.
7th race: 1 Scrutable (Fahad Ahmed Khalil Ali, Yahya Falah, Gerald Avranche); Cipher (Al Nasseriyeh, A Smith, Andrew Elliott); 3 Sham Sheer (Fawzi Abdulla Nass, Fawzi Nass, Hussain Makki); 4 True Event (Rashid A Rahman Al Jassmi, Omar Al Nesef, Dhaou Brik).
The rereading process embedded in the historical uncanny, however, opens up a reversal, doubling back, and re-signification so that Billy can escape the historical noose of Jim Crow that would render her a scrutable object while at the same time writing her story into the official national narrative of living Jim Crow.
However, since God is not very scrutable to the young child, the object-representation schema of God is formed, initially, though relationship with others: This implies that God-representations are often built atop the preexisting internal working models of Self and Caregiver.
Hendry's not overly scrutable himself: he wears a look of vague sadness come rain or shine.
The JITT teaching agents are based upon the Scrutable Adaptive Teaching System approach (Holden, & Kay, 1999; Holden, & Kay, 2001; Lum, Holden, & Kay, 2002).
Scrutable Intelligent Teaching System (SITS) deals with the problem of different understandings (of different authors) of what is most important and how things are related within the domain, that is, with the existence of different ontologies underlying the sets of teaching documents created by different authors (Kay & Holden, 2002).
To do the work they are designed for, they need to be both internal features of agents who possess them, and yet scrutable without the full resources of empirical cognitive science.
Because nothing is prioritized, there is no scrutable standard for relative strategic importance; when nothing is emphasized, everything carries equal urgency--or lack of it.
Hence, while transgender has been mobilized as a framework for political action around an emergent sphere of person articulation, it has also operated as political-theoretical refusals in both Women's Studies (to accede to dimorphic sex) and Gay and Lesbian Studies (to write gender as scrutable on the terrain of sexuality alone).
Knowing, he gazed up at it, knowing he lifted his hat and stroked his hair; everything up there drew together in a pattern to interpret the immediate future for him; everything stayed in its sensible, scrutable place.