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S is inferentially scrutable for subject s if and only if, if s were to come to know C, s would be in a position to know S.
7th race: 1 Scrutable (Fahad Ahmed Khalil Ali, Yahya Falah, Gerald Avranche); Cipher (Al Nasseriyeh, A Smith, Andrew Elliott); 3 Sham Sheer (Fawzi Abdulla Nass, Fawzi Nass, Hussain Makki); 4 True Event (Rashid A Rahman Al Jassmi, Omar Al Nesef, Dhaou Brik).
By showing how the seemingly irrelevant antics of youth threatened the social order, Cahn makes scrutable why something as innocuous as integrating high schools could throw Southern whites into a violent panic.
But in rendering them scrutable, we mark the ease with which we can read Jim Crow's mind.
Some of Dinah's difficulty is due to her discomfort with being accurately read, being scrutable.
My seemingly scrutable face is a mask, for you do not know what I think of you, how I react to you as a job candidate, how I will vote on the decision to hire you.
Slightly less scrutable are tunes which are recognizable as common and familiar, but which have acquired a sensible everyday name.
However, since God is not very scrutable to the young child, the object-representation schema of God is formed, initially, though relationship with others: This implies that God-representations are often built atop the preexisting internal working models of Self and Caregiver.
Hendry's not overly scrutable himself: he wears a look of vague sadness come rain or shine.