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The prime minister said: "He's right we need to properly scrutinise TTIP but I think we must do that on the basis of the truth rather than scare stories and I do worry that when it comes to health services or food safety or, indeed, investor protection clauses there's an awful lot of scare stories going round and maybe his Bill and this greater scrutiny can lay some of those to rest.
Ron Hogg, Durham police and crime commissioner, is creating a panel to scrutinise the investigation and handling of rape and sexual abuse cases.
What MPs scrutinise is the Legislative Competence Orders (LCOs) that the Assembly asks for.
There are many irregularities in the current judicial inspection system, where the Public Prosecutor, who has no authority to scrutinise performance of judges, orders the measure and junior inspectors scrutinise senior judges and even chief justices," Mohammad Al Za'abi, a FNC member from Sharjah, said.
A Welsh Liberal Democrat spokesman welcomed the petition but said: "[We] believe that Welsh democracy would be better served with an increased capacity of democratically elected Assembly Members to scrutinise the Welsh Government.
That is why it's vital we lay down solid foundations so parliament can scrutinise the ECP and at the same time ensure it is protected from undue government influence.
ASSEMBLY members are to scrutinise new laws to make it easier and quicker for NHS patients to claim compensation when their treatment goes wrong.
Global Banking News-March 7, 2016--Japan to scrutinise negative rates
Health shake-up A HEALTH council will scrutinise a major shake-up of North Wales NHS services before deciding if it needs to raise formal objections.
Last week Labour ministers gave the rest of the Assembly just 30 minutes to read and scrutinise a 330-page document that will allow local authorities to get their council tax benefit schemes in place next April.
The US Treasury is to scrutinise banks that are moving some of their operations abroad to avoid strict regulations concerning swap contracts.
I have participated in seven working parties on a range of subjects, which have found the executive wanting in some instances, and I frequently attend, scrutinise and speak at cabinet meeting as well as engaging in the work of the other seven committees I am a member of.