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Good,' said Mr Tappertit, scrutinising it attentively, while a breathless silence reigned around; for he had constructed secret door-keys for the whole society, and perhaps owed something of his influence to that mean and trivial circumstance--on such slight accidents do even men of mind depend
He could note that her rich black eyes were fastened upon the man with a scrutinising expression, and that she kept at a little distance from him, as they walked side by side to the further end of the terrace.
And--and that person, too, if I am not mistaken,' said the doctor, bestowing a scrutinising glance on the green-coated stranger.
Sonia looked in silence at her visitor, who was so attentively and unceremoniously scrutinising her room, and even began at last to tremble with terror, as though she was standing before her judge and the arbiter of her destinies.
That's the explanation," he decided, scrutinising her with eager curiosity, with a new, strange, almost morbid feeling.
Global Banking News-September 15, 2014--US Treasury scrutinising banks that are movinging swap contracts abroad
It performs this role by scrutinising every piece of law that passes through our parliament.
The petition calling for a scrutinising chamber "made up of Welsh citizens chosen at random from all over Wales in the citizen jury style system" has been submitted to the Commons.
Calling for a scrutinising chamber, he argues that alongside random members of the public there should non-party affiliated experts, representatives of businesses, community groups, schools and colleges.
labour ministry on Wednesday said it will be scrutinising employment resumes of foreign workers in the country serving with international relief organisations, businesses and those doing consultancy either for public institutions, enterprises or individual establishments, allegedly to streamline and encourage employment of its youth.
He said that the bank completed scrutinising of 16,000 candidates papers.