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However, as the case stands as the only authorative source of law on the matter it deserves a closer scrutinization.
Early efforts to raise the international profile of political repression in Taiwan failed to achieve their intended effect of restraining the GMD largely because the Cold War environment was particularly unsuited to the close scrutinization of the Western world's anti-Communist allies.
But if they are correct, then, some real detective and scrutinization work must be put in place, and in a hurry.
For anthropologists with their own investments in the visual, these images make manifestly clear that an observational disposition doesn't necessarily equate to detachment, scrutinization and other ocular forms of violence and appropriation.
The search for "what works" with regards to the education and treatment of children began over a century ago when Lightner Witmer broke ground on the first psychological clinic where the initial scrutinization of teaching practices was conducted through the use of rigorous experimentation (Witmer, 1907).
The rules concerning gender roles in a patriarchal society seem to govern how these female users act, and that they suffer even more sexual harassment, discrimination, and scrutinization from men in the cyber society.
It requires a thorough scrutinization of the church as it is with these three sensitivities.
Now the french fries, slices and dices are ready for scrutinization by a second bank of cameras on the lookout for black spots or other undesirable cosmetic characteristics.
A final theoretical scrutinization of the remaining items resulted in the elimination of two others in order to improve both parsimony and construct validity.
Finally, scrutinization of the outsider individual becomes more intense as the outsider attempts to develop more intimate relationships with members of the larger social group, such as dating or marriage.
74] Or, in Victor Turner's scheme, drama is liminal, betwixt and between, "a time and place of withdrawal from normal modes of social action" that can provide "a period of scrutinization of the central values and axioms of the culture in which it occurs" (1969, 167).