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The major step taken in upgrading the profile of legal translators in Switzerland and Canada was to include them in the lawmaking team in all its phases: drafting/co-drafting, revising, final scrutinization.
The search for "what works" with regards to the education and treatment of children began over a century ago when Lightner Witmer broke ground on the first psychological clinic where the initial scrutinization of teaching practices was conducted through the use of rigorous experimentation (Witmer, 1907).
Given the recent theoretical scrutinization of the notions of the origin and originality, a brief note of clarification on their usage may be due, since they are terms on which I rely both explicitly and implicitly in this essay.
The rules concerning gender roles in a patriarchal society seem to govern how these female users act, and that they suffer even more sexual harassment, discrimination, and scrutinization from men in the cyber society.
It requires a thorough scrutinization of the church as it is with these three sensitivities.
Her breakdown is signified in the film by her loss of speech and by her absent gaze, a vacuous stare that eerily resembles her active gaze in two later scenes of the film: her scrutinization of a political demonstration in which she sees her son being arrested by the police and her encounter with a statue of Lenin.
Two judges were involved in this process of scrutinization.
These innovative ideas and systems are not without intense scrutinization, though.
That is, it stimulates the identification, scrutinization and ultimate integration of different perspectives needed to produce high-quality, implementable decisions (e.
Now the french fries, slices and dices are ready for scrutinization by a second bank of cameras on the lookout for black spots or other undesirable cosmetic characteristics.
A final theoretical scrutinization of the remaining items resulted in the elimination of two others in order to improve both parsimony and construct validity.
Finally, scrutinization of the outsider individual becomes more intense as the outsider attempts to develop more intimate relationships with members of the larger social group, such as dating or marriage.