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The IRS will scrutinize the procedures needed to access the previous deferral, the timing of early distributions and the extent to which deferral was real, not just a temporary delay in receipt.
Justice Mohsin Akhter Kiani of IHC heard the case filed by Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) challenging ECP authority to scrutinize the party accounts.
A buyer should scrutinize all plans for any postretirement and postemployment benefits and properly record any liabilities discovered.
Seven instruments will scrutinize Jupiter's roiling atmosphere, measuring its chemical composition and recording lightning, winds, and cloud properties.
ISLAMABAD -- Former Secretary Election Commission of Pakistan, Kunwar Dilshad has termed the step of ECP to randomly scrutinize annual statements of assets and liabilities submitted to it by the lawmakers, a positive development in right direction.
According to the SOP, all security agencies have been directed to completely scrutinize the guard before employment.
Chapters scrutinize the Hebrew sonnet's syntax, rhetoric, meter, rhyme, structure, approach toward different subjects and much more.
Extensively researched chapters scrutinize tombs, the historical significancd of Biblical events such as Jesus' protest in the Temple Precincts, architectural transitions from synagogues and house churches to purpose-built churches, and much more.
An in-depth psychological case study meant for intermediate to advanced psychology and literature students, Henry David Thoreau: Cycles and Psyche is unafraid to picture and scrutinize a side of the great Thoreau that not everyone dares to examine closely.