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In return God gave more to the lovers than to the scrutinizers.
To stress its focus on scrutiny, the Court in Adarand used the term scrutiny 89 times in its opinion ("The Scrutinizers," 1995).
The Bronfmans are reputed to be close-knit and careful scrutinizers of the bottom line.
In order to debunk stereotypes, Caplan scrutinizers a series of myths about academia (for example, that its standards are objective), about women (that they are naturally, endlessly nurturing), and about women in academia (that affirmative action gives women and minorities an unfair advantage).
The company for the abpove mentioned items will seek approval of members of CTIL through postal ballot, to approve the postal ballot notice to be sent to members of CTIL and to consider and approve all matters incidental to postal ballot process such as appointment of scrutinizers of postal ballots etc.