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The second half scrutinizes "Vatican II and Its Aftermath" (1962-1965), including the New Mass and Sacraments.
An ExitControl solution that combats hacker sabotage by authenticating outgoing information, Gilian's G-Server is the first available product that proactively scrutinizes data leaving the Web server.
Israel And The Nations: A Mission Theology Of The Old Testament by James Chukwuma Okoye (Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at Catholic Theological Union) is a scholarly work that scrutinizes the Old Testament of the Holy Bible and debates the themes of mission and the universality of salvation.
Among the texts that Professor Magnus Fjalldal (Department of English, Haskoli Islands, University of Iceland) scrutinizes are family sagas, shorter paettir, histories of Norwegian and Danish kings, and the Icelandic lives of Anglo-Saxon saints.