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Banks in Singapore are scrutinizing rich clients to probe whether they are evading tax.
congressional tax committees are scrutinizing tax exemptions for charities and drafting possible revisions.
Even before the unanimous passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, CFOs, auditors and audit committees have been scrutinizing their relationships, looking for best practices that will quell investor fears, stabilize a volatile market and rebuild trust in the profession.
Scrutinizing five centuries' worth of Western art, Hackney discovered "optical artifacts" in paintings by Holbein, Van Eyck, and Raphael--sudden shifts in perspective, multiple vanishing points, and other effects that wouldn't suggest themselves to an artist's naked eye.
Well, I was always repelled by this scrutinizing of people who, whatever they were doing at other times, seemed to be devoting themselves at the moment to a worthy cause.
Carefully scrutinizing components of real estate could lead to shorter depreciable lives and accelerated depreciation deductions.
The besuited pair declared themselves a "Living Sculpture" back in 1969 and even though they won the Turner Prize in 1986, the British art world has been scrutinizing them with suspicion ever since.
As stated in OIG's fraud alert, federal investigators have been scrutinizing financial relationships between physicians and drug manufacturers or pharmacies/home care companies.
To be sure, such investigations appear occasionally--remember the series of 1990 stories by The Washington Post's Steve Coll and David Vise scrutinizing the Securities and Exchange Commission, or the 1986 series by Arthur Howe of The Philadelphia Inquirer on massive internal deficienciies at the IRS?
The SHC observed in its order that the February 6th election schedule was issued in violation of an earlier order of the SHC for scrutinizing the list.