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The order was read by the chief election commissioner, who said the first meeting of the scrutiny committee will be held on March 19 this year and that it will finalise its report within a month of its formation.
It was further advised that the scrutiny forms should be verified from the relevant section of board, before submission at HBL situated at Board office.
ECP extends scrutiny time for Senate elections till midnight
According to Election Commission officials in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, scrutiny of nomination papers of 20 candidates for seven general seats was completed.
On the other hand, the process of scrutiny of nomination papers filed by the candidates for Senate elections is continuing at Provincial Election Commission Balochistan in Quetta.
Mr Eroo further said that lack of stamps in some of the statutory forms cannot be the basis for scrutiny in a poll petition.
The petitioner stated that district level cricketers were required to play two tournaments a year to be eligible for selection and scrutiny .
The document recommended the establishment of a committee, based on the model of the European Scrutiny Committee, "which has an overview of the entire process of legislative change proposed and which has the capacity to swiftly develop both specialist expertise in the field and judgement as to which proposals made by the Government merit further examination".
Scrutiny Notices were served to the assessee who had filed revised return for financial year 2016 after demonetisation.
The council's plea comes after Kirklees axed four scrutiny panels, leaving just two: an Overview committee and Health committee.
The new consistency principle, under which discrimination against whites is subject to strict scrutiny, conflicted with the Court's established criteria for declaring a group to be a suspect or quasi-suspect class entitled to heightened scrutiny, which focused on such considerations as the history of discrimination against the group and its political powerlessness.
US regulators have intensified the scrutiny of bank boards, WSJ has reported.