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There is a requirement in that model for at least one scrutiny committee to oversee the workings of the system; Shropshire has five such scrutiny committees.
The program allowed to classify the information so that at the end of the scrutiny, through a tablet that provided the Ceibal Plan, a mirror result was immediately obtained with the paper record.
"Trying to stitch it up and restricting opportunities for scrutiny is not in the best interests of the borough."
The scrutiny process was held under the concerned EC officials.
With Anglesey now hailed across Wales for the improvement, officers and councillors have been advising other authorities, including Powys and Monmouth, on the vital role of effective scrutiny as part of the road to recovery.
A 'limited scrutiny' exercise in tax parlance indicates to cases where the taxman has suspicion that some income of an assessee has escaped the tax net in lieu of a specific instance.
He said all the allegations made by Mr Magwagwa in his petition were discounted in the scrutiny yet the court chose to believe the evidence of one witness, who testified that there were alterations.The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) also supported the argument saying the forms supplied by Mr Magwagwa, which showed alterations, did not originate from poll agency.
It was emphasized that no scrutiny form will be accepted after the given date and that to facilitate the students the board has also authorized all branches of United Bank in Karachi to collect the attested forms along with a fees of Rs.
All the documents including in this Reference are being checked and as soon as the scrutiny process is completed, reference will be fixed for preliminary hearing.
The decision came at an important phase of the foreign funding case as the ECP Scrutiny Committee wrote a letter to the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) on July 3 this year requesting it to produce PTI foreign funding transactions as well as other financial statements by July 16 as the party failed to produce the same since April this year despite repeated commitments.
Meanwhile, in a statement, ECP spokesman Altaf Khan has said that time for scrutiny of nomination papers will not be extended.
Earlier today, the cricketer-turned-politicians counsel had asked returning officers if they could appear for the PTI chairperson's scrutiny for the Islamabad constituency on Tuesday instead as he had to appear before ECP in Lahore today as well.