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We think that Syria has a variety of aerial bombs and SCUD warheads, which are potential means of delivery of deadly agents capable of striking neighboring countries.
Although the Iraqi Scud missile has the capability to deliver chemical, biological and nuclear warheads, the conventionally armed Scuds fired at Israel and coalition forces during the Gulf War caused few casualties.
One lad had his whole body covered with spots from head to toe" soon after a Scud attack that Turnball is convinced was chemical in nature.
The report says that "although the |USAF~ Special Planning Group had planned since August 1990 to attack the fixed Scud sites, neither that group nor anyone else had devised, prior to the war, a search-and-destroy scheme for dealing with the mobile launchers.
The new cassette, delivered first to Patriot batteries close to the Iraqi border, didn't arrive in Dhahran until the day after the Scud attack.
Earlier today, the Yemeni army and popular forces hit a strategic military air base in Asir province in Southern Saudi Arabia with Scud missiles, killing tens of high-ranking Saudi officers and commanders and destroying over two dozen F-15 fighter jets and Apache helicopters.
Nope, as a teenage boy growing up in the 80s, it seemed that second-hand scud books were everywhere - under a bench in the swing park, behind the fence at the gasworks or "doon the dump" (my auld pals from our scheme in Motherwell will know the exact bit of waste ground I'm talking about).
One video , posted on YouTube on Friday, purports to show the Scud missiles launched from Douma, a city 10km to the north of the capital Damascus.
The Patriot systems, which consist of a radar system and an offensive ability to knock down incoming missiles, are "very well suited for use against particularly the Scud ballistic missile threat," Stavridis told NATOchannel.
Ce dernier n'a pas ete en mesure de preciser la nature exacte de l'engin, estimant qu'il s'agissait d'un missile d'une taille inferieure au Scud, d'une portee de plusieurs dizaines de kilometres et transportant une charge de 300 a 500 kilos de TNT.
By CHRIS HUGHES Security Correspondent COLONEL Gaddafi's forces fired a Scud missile for the first time in Libya's civil war as rebels gained ground.
Iraq successfully launched Scud missiles against U.