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"Scud's not here," the one with suspenders finally told us.
Syria has a combined total of several hundred Scud B, Scud C and SS-21 SRBMs.
Although the Iraqi Scud missile has the capability to deliver chemical, biological and nuclear warheads, the conventionally armed Scuds fired at Israel and coalition forces during the Gulf War caused few casualties.
"One lad had his whole body covered with spots from head to toe" soon after a Scud attack that Turnball is convinced was chemical in nature.
DESPITE CLAIMS during the Kuwait war, coalition air and ground forces probably failed to destroy any of Iraq's mobile Scud launchers, according to an independent study of the campaign commissioned by the US Air Force.
In the military celebrations in Washington and New York in early June pyrotechnic experts even mimed the downing of Scuds by Patriots.
By the time the Scud missile appeared, they had been running the system for 100 hours without any discernible problems.
As a result, some reporters worry, the constant coverage of journalists obviously frightened by Scud attacks that in fact have done little damage may be boosting the morale of Iraqi army officers at Scud batteries, where gunners can see that they are stirring up anxiety.
Thursday The pup sicks up toy and is finally named Scud. The dictionary confirms this to mean flee, fly, run, scamper, speed, trip.
One minute, I catch them smiling and realise they are savouring a memory of Scud in the snow, or curled up at their feet, or sneaking her a portion of their dinner.
On Sunday, the Yemeni forces pounded an important airport and a key military base in Asir province with ballistic and Scud missiles.
Last night, the Joint Armed Forces Command said that they intercepted a Scud missile launched by Houthi militias and supporters of the ousted Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh which targeted the southern Khamees Mushait city.