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The short-range ballistic missile that North Korea fired on Monday was assumed to be a Scud series missile that was originally designed by the Soviet and then developed into a weapon by Nazis.
We watched as the Iraqi Scud missile passed high over our heads in Jerusalem during the Gulf War.
Now, for the first time since 1991, Scuds have been launched -- by the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad against its own people.
BEIRUT (TAP) - NATO accused Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's forces of firing Scud missiles that landed near the Turkish border, in explaining why it was sending anti-missile batteries and troops to the bloc's frontier.
The disclosure about the Scuds came as representatives of more than 100 nations gathered in Marrakech, Morocco, for a conference intended to give a political boost to the Syrian opposition, which is formally known as the National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces.
Israel says it regards Hezbollah's acquisition of Scuds -- along with advanced air defense systems -- as a "red line" which would require a military response.
SCUDs are a Soviet-era, short-range, tactical ballistic surface-to-surface
At the same time, the transfer of Scuds to Hizballah would be entirely consistent with the reckless and provocative policies pursued by Syrian President Bashar Assad in recent years.
"The long range of Syria's Scuds makes it possible for them to position their missiles deep inside Lebanon, and they cover much longer ranges than what we were familiar with in the past.
Israeli President Shimon Peres had in the previous week accused Syria of having sent Scuds to Hizbullah and the Obama administration said it was "increasingly concerned" about the transfer.
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Jeffry Feltman US Assistant Secretary of State and former US ambassador to Lebanon warned of "serious repercussions" for Syria if the country is found to have supplied Hezbollah with Scuds, according to reporting from the BBC on Thursday.