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It turned out the much-welcomed American-manned Patriot missiles were ineffective in intercepting the Scuds.
Security Council Resolution 687 banned Iraq from possessing missiles with ranges of more than 150 kilometers (93 miles), and with good reason: Capable of carrying warheads of 2,000 pounds, Scuds can inflict massive damage.
BEIRUT (TAP) - NATO accused Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's forces of firing Scud missiles that landed near the Turkish border, in explaining why it was sending anti-missile batteries and troops to the bloc's frontier.
Today, Hezbollah has M600 guided ballistic missiles which, although of shorter range than Scuds, could still take down targets in Tel Aviv.
SCUDs are a Soviet-era, short-range, tactical ballistic surface-to-surface
Mua'alem asked, adding that cumbersome Scuds were not suited to Hizbullah's tactics.
At the same time, the transfer of Scuds to Hizballah would be entirely consistent with the reckless and provocative policies pursued by Syrian President Bashar Assad in recent years.
Asarta added that, "Scuds are large missiles, and I'm sure that there are no Scuds (in the south), especially since it is hard to hide them.
Even without the recent Scud transfers, Baidatz said, "Hizbullah possesses an arsenal of thousands of rockets of all types and ranges including solid-fuel missiles with a longer range and more accuracy [than the Scuds].
Israeli President Shimon Peres had in the previous week accused Syria of having sent Scuds to Hizbullah and the Obama administration said it was "increasingly concerned" about the transfer.
Drivers strike today Hariri: "Scud" missiles is Israeli pretext to threaten Lebanon AL-AKHBAR: 2010 budget draft: They are legitimatizing tax evasion DAILY STAR: Feltman: Hizbullah receiving Scuds would be 'incendiary' action
Jeffry Feltman US Assistant Secretary of State and former US ambassador to Lebanon warned of "serious repercussions" for Syria if the country is found to have supplied Hezbollah with Scuds, according to reporting from the BBC on Thursday.