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GUJRANWALA: The annual election of the DBA was postponed due to a scuffle between the lawyers and candidates.
In Orangi Town's UC 28, two people were injured in a minor scuffle during polling.
There have been instances where security officials of CISF have witnessed minor scuffles between the passengers and the airport staff.
Kiev, Ukraine :Violent scuffles broke out Thursday in the Ukrainian parliament as dozens of opposition and pro-government lawmakers brawled for a second day in a chamber notorious for its physical confrontations.
There were scuffles with guards and people's clothes were torn.
Scuffles broke out as a convoy escorted the specialist tunnelling equipment from Dublin to the Sruwaddacon Estuary in County Mayo.
However, although there were some minor scuffles there were no arrests and no-one was injured.
Both mainstream political parties should avoid scuffles and shift their focus on eradicating unemployment, inflation and improving law and order situation in the country, he said, adding that any move towards political destabilization would lead to spread anarchy in the country.
Summary: There have been more scuffles in front of Athens University in Greece during a rally by public and private sector unions.
SAMANDRI, 20 May, 2009 (Frontier Star) -- The scuffles between owners of filling stations and customers are going on, as the area pumps have been without petrol for the last few days, locals said on Wednesday.
SCUFFLES broke out as the eyes of the world watched a chaotic Beijing 2008 Olympic torch relay through London.
There were violent scuffles outside the court after the hearing, as Roberts was driven away to the jeers of a waiting crowd.