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According to those who knew her well, she was an accomplished pianist but tried to establish her artistic reputation as a sculptress, hoping for a place of her own in posterity.
William Wendt built the home, one of the earliest art colonies in the Orange County beach city, in 1913 and settled there permanently with his wife, sculptress Julia Bracken, until his death in 1946.
It's a tale that will span 500 years, but it begins in Renaissance Italy, as Vickery looks at the work of sculptress Properzia de Rossi, who honed her skills on peach stones, and a portraitist, Sofonisba Anguissola, whose subjects included the most powerful figures in 16th-century Europe.
7g of protein, The Sculptress Diet drink also contains 20 vitamins and minerals.
An ace pilot is drafted into an elite corps for Operation Sleepy Weasel, where he has to live down his father's reputation if he is to win the respect of his colleagues and the love of the base's psychiatrist, equestrian, sculptress and torch singer.
The art installation represents discarded barrels, the trademark symbol of the Lebanese painter and sculptress, in miniature and various stages of decay.
He attended art school in Kennington, London, where he met and fell in love with his future wife, Welsh sculptress Alwen Hughes, with whom he has an artist daughter Bindi.
At art school in Kennington, London, he met and fell in love and married Welsh sculptress Alwen Hughes, and they have a daughter Bindi.
Lead artists Karen Stansfield and Jo Loggin were joined by mixed media artist Annie Beech and wire sculptress Helaina Sharpley.
He thinks his life is over until sculptress Marianne Engel enters his life, and spins a tale to draw him to love.
Famous glass sculptress and designer Ulli Kampelmann, who stunned the German art world with her dramatic artworks, has set her sights and designs to fit the wrists of the rich and famous.