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At that point, developers and mayors could see the economic logic of the sculptural gesture (with its many enigmatic signifiers), and the same method was applied to any and every building type.
Students were given two sheets of 9" x 12" (23 cm x 30 cm) white drawing paper and asked to shape one sheet by folding and bending it into a free-standing sculptural form.
Not only negating any notion of an innate sculptural dynamic toward architecture and collective public experience in the present, her ruinous refusals assaulted the governing codes and prevailing conditions of German reconstruction architecture in all its misery.
I plan to open up the Gagosian space as much as possible since the sculptural stations are architectural in scale.
The floor plates reduce down to become a sculptural element as you go further up.
Appropriately enough, Johnson's design incorporates many sculptural elements.
Cause and effect, action and reaction enter into a fragile sculptural equilibrium.
Through their direct juxtaposition with the sculptures, the abstracted representations of buildings in model form, perhaps more than the curators ever imagined, demonstrate how the term sculptural means far more than mere shape.
That such a seemingly offhand gesture--combining two objects to construct a sculptural unity--took two years to complete implies that Herms's work (meaning both object and labor) might not be as easy as it looks.
Here an outdoor fireplace shares the same tall sculptural chimney as the internal hearth.
The sculptural installation in Czech artist Jan Mancuska's sophomore show at Andrew Kreps Gallery proposes that there are not only two sides to every story--there are three.
The Nations Wall, a sculptural 250m structure made of tubular steel, is designed to move mechanically in a wave-like motion.