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Of course, clay is a great medium for sculptural work.
For scholars interested in revisiting one of the most celebrated and fascinating of all Quattrocento sculptural ensembles, the Tempio Malatestiano at Rimini, there is an intriguing in-depth study of the much admired Chapel of the Planets by Stanko Kokole.
Photo: Staggered display ledges and keyhole doorway give divider a sculptural look.
Her works on paper embody exquisite sculptural tensions of gravity and balance, or else are sculptural forms imbued with the movement of painterly gesture.
Laden with possibility and redundancy in equal measure, the maquette is a kind of sculptural prototype, doomed to supersession by the finished work.
The pier docks with a sculptural, circular structure resembling a palisade.
Much of the nudity I see today is not archly beautiful or sculptural or didactic as it was years back.
Reminiscent of a luxury pied a terre, the building's design includes sculptural installations, dioramas and proscenium arches that frame the composition of the space with an array of live seasonal trees such as Cherry Blossoms for the spring.
Often the sculptural material is fabricated or of industrial origins; the paintings are spatially flat.
The five large cast sculptural installations are displayed in Springfield, Massachusetts, as part of a Dr.
The forms set free in Catlett's sculptural pieces are, in fact, so powerful that they defy the expected limitation of a two-dimensional photo.