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Kathryn became fascinated by the contrast between primitive sculptural techniques and futuristic outcomes, fashioning her sculptures from materials as diverse as AstroTurf, artificial plants and polystyrene.
Other artists have also created pieces including glass household items such as a dustpan and brush, dishes and vases, as well as more sculptural pieces.
The exhibition is organized by the Dallas Museum of Art, the Nasher Sculptural Center and the Baltimore Museum of Art.
The collection opens with a group of essays that serve to establish the terms of the artistic debates of the time with respect to the state of the sculptural arts.
Studio 54 was raging in the East with Halston and Liza, and out West, Sue Mengers and Robert Evans patronized the chic and sculptural work of talented designers like Vladimir Kagan and Karl Springer.
The sculptural assemblage, titled "Patterns of Progress," is a compilation of wooden patterns, most of which were handmade at the metalcasting facility.
In response to the trend of using ornamental grasses not just as ground covers, but also as garden specimens and sculptural elements, this guide showcases more than 100 varieties of grasses, explaining how to place and maintain them.
These are all elements that make life possible, and the different sculptural elements in the garden interpret those natural phenomena.
Dress the garden with a sculptural planter, from pounds 20; a striking Nyatoh gazebo, pounds 499; blue candle lanterns, from pounds 10; tree lanterns, from pounds 20; and beaded tea light stakes, pounds 8 each.
According to John Picton, in his essay "Seeing Double," "Yoruba people were said to have a rate of twin births some four times that of anywhere else, and the images that replaced twins that died in infancy are among the best-known and most-loved of African sculptural forms.
The sculptural $200 million project designed by the legendary firm Kohn Pederson Fox Architects is expected to re-define Miami's skyline.
The hundreds of projects we receive for consideration all delight us, but it's especially fun to see the sculptural works that students create.