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I think Shakespeare writes sculpturally - in other words, he never judges his characters, but he enables us to see them in the round.
Sparling's centerpiece ceremonial solo in "Indonesia" feels long, but it's a chance to see a great dancer working sculpturally, just as Travelogue is a chance to see text and movement really enlarge each other's horizons.
The FreeForm system brings a sculpturally intuitive approach to 3-D digital modeling," commented Jay Coogan, Director of Fine Arts at Rhode Island School of Design.
The short version of all of this is that the sculpturally representational can be politically, socially and personally provocative (even dangerously so) in a way that a representational painting, print, or drawing can only rarely achieve.
Meanwhile, for example, reflects Egan's ongoing interest in constructing three-dimensional steel "drawings": It resembles a simple architectural outline, but it is a stable metal structure on a floor-to-ceiling scale, draped with a large, pale-gray blanket that undemonstratively asserts the sturdy reality of these sculpturally sketched lines.
The dynamic cabin lines are carried through to the rear deck, sculpturally integrating the spindle grille theme to echo the front of the vehicle while creating a unique sense of width.
I will talk about Amancio (Pancho) Guedes, who leapt out of a copy of the Architectural Review in the early 1960s with some of the most sculpturally free architecture that I have seen until now.
Bob Campbell said, "Elements like the fireplace are metaphorically evocative and at the same time sculpturally serene and perfect in a way that's hard to find words for.
Twister lovingly and humorously caricatures the teapot, teasingly suggesting utility while simultaneously sculpturally undercutting the idea.
The work would have functioned spatially, sculpturally, and symbolically while evidencing its institutional parameters via both its material and thematic content.
Once inside the bedroom, the unique wrapper is mimicked sculpturally by a built-in settee at the bay window.
This is because architects see the status and generous budgets of cultural buildings as calling for the design of art objects, typically stand alone (even when connected to or extensions of other buildings) and sculpturally expressive iconic buildings.