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The signature piece of the Tea-Over-Ice™ line, these sculpturally designed pitchers are made from hand-blown heat-resistant glass and stack for a captivating tableside presentation.
Fontana's sculpturally reductive tagli also result in the abstraction of the painterly gesture, as visible in his "spatial concepts" as is the presence of the void.
From the novel's opening words, the silent Jewel emerges as a work of art being methodically carved into existence through Darl's sculpturally repetitive and thickening language.
Although not a tower and sculpturally quite different, the ROM's addition shares this sense of belonging.
Wilbat takes traditional glassblowing techniques and uses them sculpturally, which brings out the main influences of his work: ceramics, abstract expressionist art, cubism and minimalism.
Ramsay stands near a stone urn and enters a sculpturally ekphrastic moment that arrests his thought processes in a paralytic fashion.
The memorials at Ascain, Sare and Saint-Jeande-Luz by the Maurrassian sculptor Maxime Real del Sarte (1888-1954) develop variants on the sacrifice and resurrection of the dead soldier, sculpturally absent in the two first mentioned but represented by the metonymic infantry helmet, the casque d'Adrian.
Once again we end up in Hell: a Hell which, like the other feelings and emotions read sculpturally, ultimately are relayed through Italian literature.
A new era dawns on the award-winning Nicky Clarke Hairomatherapy range with the introduction of curvaceous, sculpturally feminine new bottles and a stylish new crest and logo--reflecting the sensual and premium positioning of the range.
Eastmond's handsome brown face, which featured almost sculpturally everted lips, curiously similar, I thought, to those on some dynastic Egyptian statuary I had seen in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
But the camera, which can only deliver flat figures bounded by precise outlines, also contradicted his fundamental artistic identity, and his insistence on composing sculpturally, and in strong, broad masses--the "broad effect" he admired in Velasquez.
Sculptor John Nugent has asserted that "the people in Western Canada are sculpturally illiterate.