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Comparable to the AT&T TrueVoice concept, Sculptured Sound addresses a real-world network issue - effectively handling the problem of widely varying signal levels across different networks, with a comprehensive range of adjustment parameters to combat any given signal scenario.
The improved call quality is derived from the way in which Sculptured Sound adjusts the signal levels - by ensuring that operation is maintained closer to the optimum level, the effects of any potential distortion is minimized.
As the adjustment of the signal is typically conducted at a network gateway, Sculptured Sound can also have a beneficial effect on any coding equipment operating after the echo canceller in the network chain.
Coherent's Strategic Product Manager, Tushar Shah, explains the rationale behind the software's development: "The driving force behind Sculptured Sound was the need to find a solution to varying levels and their impact on network performance.
With the closing of the acquisitions, both Probe and Sculptured Software become wholly owned subsidiaries of Acclaim.
Both Probe and Sculptured Software have developed a broad range of proprietary hardware and software technology for quick, state-of-the-art development, including cross-platform compilers, assemblers and linkers; object-oriented tools; high end 2-D and 3-D MPC development systems; video compression code; source-level debuggers; art preparation tools; 3-D graphics workstations as well as digital audio and video recording and editing capabilities.
Our goal has always been to become the preeminent interactive entertainment studio worldwide, and by combining our technology, audio, graphics, programming and development expertise with Acclaim's licensed properties, distribution and marketing strength, we will create an unparalleled force in interactive entertainment," said George Metos, president of Sculptured Software.
Acclaim's acquisitions of Probe and Sculptured Software follows its acquisition earlier this year of Iguana Entertainment Inc.
Among the best-selling titles Sculptured has designed are Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat II and WWF WrestleMania for Acclaim, as well as Super Empire Strikes Back, Super Star Wars, Super Return of the Jedi and NCAA Basketball.