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There was an ocean of sculptures spread out in the hall of SRM University in Chennai.
These sculptures are made of metal skeletons to help the coral reefs grow.
The Jeddah Sculpture Museum initiative is an ongoing project involving the restoration of a number of sculptures along Jeddah's Central Corniche.
The Weisbecks have been commissioned to create large scale public sculptures for the New York State Department of Transportation and the New York State Department of State.
Caro, who died in 2013 and spent part of his early career as an assistant to Yorkshire sculptor Henry Moore, is known for his brightly-painted modernist abstract sculptures.
This project will develop a Sculpture Trail linking 24 unique stone sculptures by renowned international artists on public sites across 15 towns and three councils around Adelaide Hills.
About 60 sculptures of varying sizes and shapes are dotted around, many of them made from natural materials found in the forest.
From the adornment of a private home to the enhancement of a corporate setting, outdoor sculptures cause the eye to linger just a little longer.
Poitras said he's had many interesting requests for sculptures from people in the past.
Since 2000, the City of Presidents Foundation has set out to commission and install life-size sculptures of every American president in downtown Rapid City.
The theme for this year's contest was "Junque" Yard Toys, with the sculptures being made primarily of recyclable materials obtained from Macon Iron.
Walking among Shinique Smith's boxy sculptures is like wandering through an abandoned city in which the presence of those who have vanished is still palpable.