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First, I showed the students slides I had taken of the Vietnam Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., asking them, "What was each artist trying to accomplish with each of these sculptures? In what styles are these sculptures done?"
Caglioti examines the David and Judith as examples of column sculptures, an ancient tradition revived by the Florentine humanists.
The recommended conservation treatment is often the most expensive piece of the preservation puzzle, and many sculptures do not receive the help they so badly need.
Digital models enable art historians to view sculptures from different heights and angles and in different lighting, he explains.
Part of the company's art collection is outdoors, and the sculptures and public spaces must withstand everything from a Minnesota winter to drenching spring rains.
Sculptures and installations require large indoor exhibiting areas, which is at a premium for most museums.
The LED sculpture shows an animated horse running as if it could gallop through the historic PARK landscape and among neighbouring sculptures by Anthony Caro, Dennis Oppenheim and Peter Liversidge.
JEDDAH: ARAB NEWSThe Abdul Latif Jameel Community Initiatives and the Jeddah Municipality are spearheading a project to restore the sculptures that dot the waterfront in a bid to improve the visual ambience of Jeddah's Corniche.
Cherie added, "It's not only about unique stones and unique sculptures, but we try to make explicit what was already implicit in the stone or landscape.
Walking among Shinique Smith's boxy sculptures is like wandering through an abandoned city in which the presence of those who have vanished is still palpable.
Malone, who died in 1998, produced a large body of work of paintings, drawings, sculptures, jewelry, musical instruments and furniture during his career.
* Nancy Graves once wrote that titles were necessary for her sculptures only as a way of identifying them.