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If Mike thinks that Brummies scurried like rabbits when Moaning Minnie sounded, then will he please explain why people were killed under tons of machinery when the BSA was hit in a raid?
The lizard held on for a minute or two, then dropped off and scurried away.
Soon, miners scurried along the trails like an army of ants, spurring burros hauling heavy saddlebags.
When he struck it, three tiny chicks scurried from under their dead mother's wings.
Always from a distance, his camera records much of the standard repertoire of chilly Romanticism--the juxtapositions of ice and stone, the deep fissures, the rocky crags scurried over by infinitesimal human figures inevitably dwarfed by their encounter with nature.
A few brave souls scurried across the plaza, coated against the unseasonal chill.
that unravelled like a broken string of pearls for a crown i gave you garland of waterlilies & hibiscus silently the hours scurried by on winged feet smitten we were oblivious of the camouflaged & khaki-uniformed soldiers with petite greaseguns tucked under their armpits a coup d'etat ended our revels & now steel fingers clutch my heart and in the far distance i hear a lost dove coo
Flustered, Holloway turned and scurried from the bank.
Smaller guys--well, they scurried for space and service, using forwarders, consolidators and other go-betweens.