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that unravelled like a broken string of pearls for a crown i gave you garland of waterlilies & hibiscus silently the hours scurried by on winged feet smitten we were oblivious of the camouflaged & khaki-uniformed soldiers with petite greaseguns tucked under their armpits a coup d'etat ended our revels & now steel fingers clutch my heart and in the far distance i hear a lost dove coo
Flustered, Holloway turned and scurried from the bank.
With the music over, kids scurried around picking up as many cushions as they could carry.
Last spring, when astronomers detected an X-ray glow surrounding Comet Hyakutake, theorists scurried to explain the unexpected finding (SN: 6/1/96, p.
As the Brelands approached, one of the trespassers scurried into the woods while the other, holding a gun, began raising his arm.
After one of the youths flubbed a line, Stefani suddenly scurried to a corner, climbed aboard a speaker cabinet and ordered the plainly embarrassed girls, including a couple of preteens, back into the crowd.
They shot two snakes, and when two others slithered into holes, the girls scurried through the clearing and down the hillside to safety.