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No sooner had the sounds of their passing died away in the distance than Ghek clambered from the shoulders of his rykor, and scurried to the burrow where he had hidden the key.
Dock rats," said De Clare, and then as though the devil guided them to protect his own, two huge rats scurried upward from between the loose boards, and ran squealing up the dark alley.
One day Anne scurried excitedly into Priscilla's room.
A rabbit scurried across the road; a rat darted down the tiny stream.
There was a wild chorus of warning cries from the women, who scurried out of the grass houses, and like frightened quail dived over the opposite edge of the clearing, gathering up their babies and children as they ran.
Instead, shaking himself instinctively as he ran, he scurried along the deck for Skipper.
He had scurried around and nosed out Martin's family history, and procured a photograph of Higginbotham's Cash Store with Bernard Higginbotham himself standing out in front.
He whined pleadingly, and scurried playfully in and out of the underbrush.
A rat leaped from beneath the coverings and scurried away.
His eye happening to wander upon the maid, however, he instantly abandoned the mistress and danced off after the other, who scurried in confusion up one of the ladders, and dropped the heavy trap-door upon her pursuer.