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It is worth looking at the words with which Suetonius introduces this topic: erat enim dicacitatis plurimae, etsi scurrilis ac sordidae, ut ne praetextatis quidem verbis abstineret (Vesp.
47 21 18 Circumpollen Duplicisporites verrucosus 3 2 2 (Leschik 1955) Scheuring 1970 Duplicisporites scurrilis 1 1 (Scheuring 1970) Scheuring 1978 Duplicisporites tenebrosus 1 1 2 (Scheuring 1970) Scheuring 1978 Duplicisporites sp.
(7) Although the ideal orator is expected to include humor in his arsenal of weapons, Cicero insists that he should never behave like a buffoon and should absolutely avoid "scurrilis ...
It may not be necessary to delete scurrilis entirely with more modern editions: cf n.